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Lost Elements is a 2D puzzle platformer where the player takes control of four friends who have gotten lost in a magical forest. You can also play co-op!

All of these four friends represent one element; Dewy the sweet Water Element who can grow plants and swim, Ember the temperamental Fire Element who can burn obstacles and enemies with her fireballs, Brick the large Earth Element who can break walls and push large rocks, and finally Gale the calm Air Element blessed with the power of flight.

So adventure forth with your friends and see if you can find your way to the giant door in the woods...

...but beware the giant spiders...

Install instructions

Unzip & Run


LostElements.zip 204 MB


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A beautiful game. Loved the aesthetics and the retro vibe (reminded us of Lost Vikings nd Botanicula - and that is a good thing). We had some trouble with Brick, he would get stuck easily and even freeze sometimes... But all in all it was a lot of fun.

Hi there.

I played your game and I was pleasently surprised. Though I gave some criticism about it in my video. If your interested then you can find my video below.


You can play online using parsec, its a free tool that makes local coop games playable online

Can i play online and how ?

Love this game, should be ported to Mobile Android

Nice game, i love it.

I like the artwork and the concept. Character movement needs some refinement. I found all of them frustrating to control. There seem to be many ways to get them stuck in places with no way out. I don't know if I didn't hit a checkpoint but G wasn't bringing them anywhere. I could see this being pretty enjoyable with some more polish.

Great game love it so colourful and charming keep up the great work.  

a little gameplay right here

i dont really how to finish some puzzle

I keep on getting stuck and having an oversight on these puzzles. Sometimes with the rock/earth element one, I end up having him stuck in a situation because im dumb and i didn't put the rock down. Is there a way you can fix this. I mean, you don't have to, maybe it's just me who's dumb at puzzles. You don't have dumb down the game for ppl like me lmao

I'm not sure I understand how exactly you get stuck. You can press G (or Y on the xbox controller) to call all the characters to checkpoint. Perhaps that might help?

Amazing game art! Good Job!

Thank you!


There Graphics are on point, the idea and concept are great. the way you built the platform is incredible. My only issue came when I was trying to switch between elements. I was able to do it once but not when i needed to again. Ultimately that was part of the reason why i quit and only did ten mins. I love the game and idea though. Great job

Hi! Thanks so much for playing!

Strange, the character switching works just fine when I tested it. All the characters have their own slots on the D-pad. Did you press down to choose Dewy (the water guy) and right to choose Ember (fire guy)?

Yeah the xbox controller controls can be a bit... challenging when using Ember. The keyboard might be a bit easier if you want to give it another try :)

Thank you for your kind words though. They mean a lot.

Ya not a problem man. The game is awesome in general. I think im going to use the keyboard the next go round